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Dog Parks

Boulder Dog Parks

East Boulder Dog Park – 5660 Sioux Dr

Fenced area for both large and small dogs. There is a concrete barrier in the lake that some dogs are able to climb.

  • Large area is about 1.5 acres.
  • Small area is about .45 acres.
  • There is limited water access to a small lake. Water access is OPEN!

NOTE: Be careful as water quality can vary. Pick up and remove pet excrement to assist with water quality issues.

Foothills Dog Park – 800 Cherry Ave

Two acre fenced park with a separate areas for both small and large dogs.

  • Large area is about 1.6 acres
  • Small area is about .5 acres

Howard Heuston Dog Park – 34th & IRIS

  • Voice and Sight Control area is designated by yellow poles.
  • The remainder of the park is leash law.
  • The size of the Voice and Sight area is about 1.25 acres.

Valmont Dog Park – approx 5300 Valmont

Fenced area for both large and small dogs.

  • Large area is about 3 acres.
  • Small area is about .25 acres.
  • It is a dog park at Valmont City Park.
  • A water spigot is available seasonally.

Denver Dog Parks

Bark Park: Good sized Dog Park located in Littleton between C470 and County Line.

Dog Parks in West Denver

Dog Parks in East Denver

Dog Parks in North Denver

Lafayette Dog Parks

597 N. 119th St.
Lafayette, CO 80026
Hours: 6am-10pm
Contact Phone: 303-661-1306

The 6.1 acres Great Bark Dog Park is the only public park where dogs are allowed to run off-leash.

Amenities at the dog park include a 1/3 mile looping trail, covered benches, restrooms, a small/timid dog area, and logs for dogs to jump on and over.

Please abide by the rules and regulations posted near the entry gates so that everyone has a pleasant experience.

Be sure to take advantage of the Dog Park Trail (trailhead near the public restrooms) which connects to Rothman Open Space and the Old Town North neighborhood.

Louisville Dog Parks

1. 955 Bella Vista Drive
2. Davidson Mesa Open Space at McCaslin Boulevard and Washington Avenue.

Louisville has two off-leash dog parks for your dog’s enjoyment. Visit the dog park located in the southeast corner of Community Park at 955 Bella Vista Drive or the dog park on the north end of the Davidson Mesa Open Space at McCaslin Boulevard and Washington Avenue.

Guidelines for Use:

  • Hours: Sunrise to Sunset.
  • The off leash area may be closed at times to allow the turf to re-establish.
  • Dogs that appear to be sick, aggressive, in heat, or without current vaccination are prohibited.
  • Puppies under 4 months are prohibited due to parvo virus.
  • Please be responsible for cleaning up and properly disposing of dog excrement.
  • Dogs must be leashed until safely inside the off leash area and must be leashed before exiting.
  • Limit 3 dogs per person. Owners must have a leash for each dog. Dogs may not be left unattended.
  • Children must be supervised by an adult.
  • Food is not allowed in the off leash area.
  • Pond water is reclaimed domestic waste water and is not suitable for human consumption. Pet owners should make their own determination whether to allow their dogs to swim and drink the water.

Superior Dog Parks

Address: Rock Creek Pkwy and Honey Creek Lane
Superior, CO80027
Website: Three Parks/Community Park East
Dog park, disc golf course, bike park, restrooms and picnic tables.

Hours: 8 am to dusk